CHUTNEY by Reece connolly

Directed by Georgie Staight

Chutney will premiere at The Bunker Theatre (London Bridge), Nov 6th - Dec 1st 2018.

  • CLAIRE: Isabel Della-Porta

  • GREGG: Will Adolphy


“The world’s shaking. I’m seeing the murder in everything. A cat crosses my path, I fantasise throwing a grenade at it.”

Greg and Claire are a power couple. Well-to-do and up-and-coming. They’ve got the house. The car. The careers. They’re living out their parents dreams in blissful suburbia.

They also have an insatiable desire to murder animals.

This mutually discovered desire threatens to gut their world to its very core.

CHUTNEY is a pitch black comedy about love, happiness, and unleashing the beast within.

Watch the fur fly.


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