EMERGE longlist 2019

Selected from 360+ submissions.

in no particular order:

Celebrations by Vicky Connerty

Singin' for Engerland by Benjamin Peel

Royal Oak by Freddy White

This Queer House by Oakley.

the life and death of a journalist by Jingan Young

Summerland by Brian Coyle

Birdsong by Desmond Hogan

Tiger Mum by Eva Edo

Fucking The Academy by Jon Hayes

Here We Are by Anne Price

Aquamarine by Bixby Elliot

Rushes by Steven LancefieldIn

The Moss by Emma Zadow

Clothes Make The Man by L.A. Green

every seven years by Jack Fairey

let me tell you why i was buried in the stars by Eleanor Tindall

The Cleaner by Kate Reid

X+Y+Z+? by Jo Griffiths

The Department of Interpersonal Relations by Ivo de Jager

IMAM by Toby Clarke

Running Order by Jack Murray

Three Mothers in Search of a Son by Henry Martin

Arrivals by David Lemon

No Issue by Catriona Clancy

Love Cats by Matt Wixey

Figures by Sara Gordon

Pristine by Stephanie McGuinness

Queen of the Bonackers by Susan Kathryn

HeftiGuilty by Hedva Anbar

Oopsy Daisy by Holly Mcfarlane

Birth Right by Anna Searpoint

Work by Jerusha Green

Till Human Voices Wake Us by Zoe Bullock

I'm Home by Denis Burke

Flatter by Libby Williamson

Monstera by Laura Jayne Ayres

Something New by Jasmin Mandi-Ghomi

Sorry Did I Wake You by Nina Georgieff & Beth Collins

Brown Owl by Asleigh Packham

Sickie by Olivia Hannah

The Empty by Sam Essame

Two butterflies went out at noon by Simon Fearn

The Artists by Tom Powell

Objective Reality by Rachel Loughran

Callaghan 24.12.21 by Sean O'Neill

Boomerang by Jack Stanley

Where de Magoes Grow by Chantelle Dusette

Bin Juice by Catherine Kolubayev

9lbs by Kass Boucher

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