R&D of 'ROOSTING' by Ella Road

Directed by Georgie Staight

'Roosting' was selected to be developed as part of the Park Theatre 'Script Accelerator' programme 2017. An excerpt premiered at the Park200, Nov 2017. Cast:

  • CHARLIE: Gemma Barnett
  • ALI: Joanne Gallagher
  • NEIL: Alexander Jeremy


"You know, sometimes I feel like this amazing, amazing creature because I made an animal out of my body, an actual little animal, and that makes me pretty incredible, right?"

Ali was a documentary maker in the Congo. Now she’s hanging up socks in an ex-council flat in a Streatham with a screaming baby. Teenage Charlie, suspended from school for calling the deputy head a ‘C***’, quickly becomes intrigued by the woman next door.

As Ali gets increasingly obsessed with stopping the tree on their block from being cut down, and Charlie with loosing her virginity, the two women develop an unlikely connection. 

Roosting is a story about maternity, power, and how we place ourselves in this big, changing world.

The Script Accelerator Teams 2017

The Script Accelerator Teams 2017

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